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School Uniforms
​Any intentionally visible items worn under uniform clothes must comply with the colors outlined in the uniform policy and be a solid color. 

If a student comes to school out of uniform, the following actions may take place: 

• A verbal warning may be given from a staff member to the student and/or a note may be sent home. 
• Parent/guardian may be contacted and required to bring appropriate attire to school for the child. A conference may then be scheduled with the principal. 
• The student may be sent to the clinic to see if they have appropriate spare clothing in the student’s size. 
• A letter or referral from the principal may be sent home requiring a reply from the parent/guardian. 

Please contact Ms. Morales, the school guidance counselor, at extension 80004 for information regarding financial hardship applications or exemption procedures. Willis Elementary School maintains a supply of gently used uniforms should a student have the need. If you have uniforms you no longer need that are in good condition and would like to donate these to the school, please drop the uniforms off to the staff in the front office.
​Outer Garments: Sweatshirts, jackets, or outer garments may be worn. These items are to be in the school uniform colors of white, light blue, or navy. On very cold days, heavier jackets or outer garments in any color or style may be worn to and from school. However, if your child needs to wear something during school hours to keep warm, it must be in the appropriate school uniform colors.

Shoes: As a health and safety precaution, student shoes must have a closed heel and closed toe. Sandals, thong-type shoes, shoes with cleats, shoes with thick platform soles, high heels, shoes with wheels, and Crocs™ are not allowed. Sneakers with socks must be worn for P.E. 

Socks: Crew length or less, of any color may be worn. Socks, tights, leotards, leggings, leg warmers, or other such coverings, which extend higher than crew length must be solid navy, khaki, or white.

Hair and Accessories: Hair must always be neat and must be a natural hair color. Barrettes and ponytail scrunchies, etc. are acceptable. Students, however, may be asked to remove any items in the hair that are costume like or distracting (For example, headbands with animal ears). Jewelry should be simple, safe, and appropriate for elementary school. Make-up is not allowed.
 Willis ​Uniform Policy:

Shirts: should be a generic solid polo style shirt or button-down collared shirt in white, light blue, or navy blue. Long or short sleeves are acceptable. “Willis Elementary” T-shirts may be worn on the last school day in the week. School T-shirts and monogrammed polo shirts are sold online. Please check the PTO website for details. The only acceptable logo on school shirts will be the Willis Elementary School Gecko shirts or monograms.

Bottoms: Pants, shorts, skirts, skorts, jumpers, or capri pants should be khaki or navy blue. No blue jeans, denim, or jeggings. Shorts, skirts, skorts, and jumpers must be fingertip length. Please monitor this as your child(ren) grow since the jumper or skirt they started the year with may not continue to be appropriate as they grow. On announced "dress down days” students may wear denim bottoms. Denim bottoms are not to be low-rise, have any holes, cuts, slits, or bleached portions. If belts are worn, they should be fastened and should be black, brown, khaki, or navy in color. Oversized, baggie, extremely tight or ill-fitting clothing is not permitted.